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Pathways reviewed by Colotti, Gianni (5578983)

DB_ID Name
5576886 Phase 4 - resting membrane potential
5576893 Phase 2 - plateau phase
5576892 Phase 0 - rapid depolarisation
5576894 Phase 1 - inactivation of fast Na+ channels
5576891 Cardiac conduction
5576890 Phase 3 - rapid repolarisation
5578775 Ion homeostasis
5578768 Physiological factors

Details on Person Colotti, Gianni

_displayNameColotti, Gianni
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:39:52
created[InstanceEdit:5578985] Jassal, Bijay, 2014-06-06
(author)[InstanceEdit:6809173] Colotti, Gianni, 2015-11-09
[LiteratureReference:5578990] Molecular basis for the impaired function of the natural F112L sorcin mutant: X-ray crystal structure, calcium affinity, and interaction with annexin VII and the ryanodine receptor
[LiteratureReference:6809070] Activation of the cardiac Na(+)-Ca(2+) exchanger by sorcin via the interaction of the respective Ca(2+)-binding domains
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