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Pathways reviewed by Woodgett, Jim (4641074)

DB_ID Name
5339717 Misspliced LRP5 mutants have enhanced beta-catenin-dependent signaling
5339716 Misspliced GSK3beta mutants stabilize beta-catenin
5339700 TCF7L2 mutants don't bind CTBP
5340573 WNT ligand secretion is abrogated by the PORCN inhibitor LGK974
5340588 RNF mutants show enhanced WNT signaling and proliferation
5358747 S33 mutants of beta-catenin aren't phosphorylated
5358749 S37 mutants of beta-catenin aren't phosphorylated
5358751 S45 mutants of beta-catenin aren't phosphorylated
5358752 T41 mutants of beta-catenin aren't phosphorylated
5467345 Deletions in the AXIN genes in hepatocellular carcinoma result in elevated WNT signaling
5467348 Truncations of AMER1 destabilize the destruction complex
5467333 APC truncation mutants are not K63 polyubiquitinated
5467337 APC truncation mutants have impaired AXIN binding
5467343 Deletions in the AMER1 gene destabilize the destruction complex
5467340 AXIN missense mutants destabilize the destruction complex
5545619 XAV939 inhibits tankyrase, stabilizing AXIN
4791275 Signaling by WNT in cancer
4839744 truncated APC mutants destabilize the destruction complex
4839748 AMER1 mutants destabilize the destruction complex
4839743 phosphorylation site mutants of CTNNB1 are not targeted to the proteasome by the destruction complex
4839735 AXIN mutants destabilize the destruction complex, activating WNT signaling

Details on Person Woodgett, Jim

_displayNameWoodgett, Jim
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:42:00
created[InstanceEdit:4641088] Rothfels, K, 2013-09-27
crossReference[DatabaseIdentifier:5577002] ORCID:0000-0003-3731-5797
modified[InstanceEdit:5577001] Matthews, Lisa, 2014-05-28
(author)[InstanceEdit:5545509] Woodgett, Jim, 2014-05-21
[LiteratureReference:4641104] R-spondin1 is a high affinity ligand for LRP6 and induces LRP6 phosphorylation and beta-catenin signaling
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