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Pathways reviewed by Beitz, E (431782)

DB_ID Name
432030 Transport of glycerol from adipocytes to the liver by Aquaporins
432047 Passive transport by Aquaporins
432040 Vasopressin regulates renal water homeostasis via Aquaporins
445717 Aquaporin-mediated transport

Details on Person Beitz, E

_displayNameBeitz, E
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:41:34
affiliation[Affiliation:1247587] Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany
created[InstanceEdit:431786] May, B, 2009-08-08
modified[InstanceEdit:1247582] May, B, 2011-04-04
[InstanceEdit:8932050] D'Eustachio, Peter, 2016-07-20
(author)[LiteratureReference:431805] Characterization of aquaporin-6 as a nitrate channel in mammalian cells. Requirement of pore-lining residue threonine 63
[LiteratureReference:431856] Determinants of AQP6 trafficking to intracellular sites versus the plasma membrane in transfected mammalian cells
[LiteratureReference:879852] Concerted action of two cation filters in the aquaporin water channel
[LiteratureReference:879877] Point mutations in the aromatic/arginine region in aquaporin 1 allow passage of urea, glycerol, ammonia, and protons
[InstanceEdit:879857] Beitz, E, 2010-06-24
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