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Pathways authored by Shamovsky, Veronica (429259)

DB_ID Name
5260271 Diseases of Immune System
3248023 Regulation by TREX1
3249367 STAT6-mediated induction of chemokines
5357786 TNFR1-induced proapoptotic signaling
5357769 Caspase activation via extrinsic apoptotic signalling pathway
5357801 Programmed Cell Death
5357905 Regulation of TNFR1 signaling
5357956 TNFR1-induced NFkappaB signaling pathway
3270619 IRF3-mediated induction of type I IFN
168180 TRAF6 Mediated Induction of proinflammatory cytokines
3371378 Regulation by c-FLIP
3371453 Regulation of HSF1-mediated heat shock response
3371511 HSF1 activation
3371497 HSP90 chaperone cycle for steroid hormone receptors (SHR)
3371571 HSF1-dependent transactivation
3371568 Attenuation phase
3371556 Cellular response to heat stress
5602415 UNC93B1 deficiency - HSE
5602410 TLR3 deficiency - HSE
5602358 Diseases associated with the TLR signaling cascade
5602498 MyD88 deficiency (TLR2/4)
5602636 IKBKB deficiency causes SCID
5602680 MyD88 deficiency (TLR5)
5602566 TICAM1 deficiency - HSE
5602571 TRAF3 deficiency - HSE
5603029 IkBA variant leads to EDA-ID
5603027 IKBKG deficiency causes anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with immunodeficiency (EDA-ID) (via TLR)
5603037 IRAK4 deficiency (TLR5)
5603041 IRAK4 deficiency (TLR2/4)
5626978 TNFR1-mediated ceramide production
5675482 Regulation of necroptotic cell death
433822 NFkB and MAPK activation mediated by TRAF6
433819 Viral dsRNA:TLR3:TICAM1 Complex Activates IKBKE_CHICK
433835 IKK related kinases bound to dsRNA:TLR3:TICAM1 activate IRF3
433871 TRAF6 mediated induction of the anti inflammatory cytokines
434001 TAK1 activates NFkB by phosphorylation and activation of IKKs complex
434048 TLR3 cascade
434131 NFkB activation mediated by RIP1 complexed with activated TLR3
434136 Viral dsRNA:TLR3:TICAM1 Complex Activates TBK1
437980 Activated TAK1 mediates p38 MAP kinase phosphorylation
437986 Activated TAK1 mediates Jun kinases (JNK) phosphorylation and activation
437987 Toll-like receptors (TLR) cascades
5684264 MAP3K8 (TPL2)-dependent MAPK1/3 activation
5686938 Regulation of TLR by endogenous ligand
445989 TAK1 activates NFkB by phosphorylation and activation of IKKs complex
450282 MAPK targets/ Nuclear events mediated by MAP kinases
450294 MAP kinase activation in TLR cascade
450302 activated TAK1 mediates p38 MAPK activation
450321 JNK (c-Jun kinases) phosphorylation and activation mediated by activated human TAK1
450341 Activation of the AP-1 family of transcription factors
451478 ERK activation
451498 TLR7 cascade
451514 MyD88:TIRAP-dependent cascade initiated on plasma membrane
451524 MAPK activation in TLR cascade
451534 TLR5 cascade
451533 ERK2 activation
2562578 TRIF-mediated programmed cell death
6799990 Metal sequestration by antimicrobial proteins
6803157 Antimicrobial peptides
6803544 Ion influx/efflux at host-pathogen interface
517856 TLR2 subfamily cascade
1606322 ZBP1(DAI) mediated induction of type I IFNs
1606341 IRF3 mediated activation of type 1 IFN
9013957 TLR3-mediated TICAM1-dependent programmed cell death
9013973 TICAM1-dependent activation of IRF3/IRF7
9014325 TICAM1,TRAF6-dependent induction of TAK1 complex
1679131 Trafficking and processing of endosomal TLR
2855086 Ficolins bind to repetitive carbohydrate structures on the target cell surface
1810476 RIP-mediated NFkB activation via ZBP1
1834941 STING mediated induction of host immune responses
1834949 Cytosolic sensors of pathogen-associated DNA
936964 Activation of IRF3/IRF7 mediated by TBK1/IKK epsilon
937039 IRAK1 recruits IKK complex
937042 IRAK2 mediated activation of TAK1 complex
937041 IKK complex recruitment mediated by RIP1
937061 TRIF(TICAM1)-mediated TLR4 signaling
937072 TRAF6-mediated induction of TAK1 complex within TLR4 complex
975110 TRAF6 mediated IRF7 activation in TLR7/8 or 9 signaling
975144 IRAK1 recruits IKK complex upon TLR7/8 or 9 stimulation
975138 TRAF6 mediated induction of NFkB and MAP kinases upon TLR7/8 or 9 activation
975163 IRAK2 mediated activation of TAK1 complex upon TLR7/8 or 9 stimulation
975871 MyD88 cascade initiated on plasma membrane
5213460 RIPK1-mediated regulated necrosis
5218900 CASP8 activity is inhibited
5218859 Regulated Necrosis
3134975 Regulation of innate immune responses to cytosolic DNA
3134973 LRR FLII-interacting protein 1 (LRRFIP1) activates type I IFN production
3134963 DEx/H-box helicases activate type I IFN and inflammatory cytokines production

Details on Person Shamovsky, Veronica

_displayNameShamovsky, Veronica
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:41:31
affiliation[Affiliation:69324] NYU School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry
created[InstanceEdit:429258] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-14
crossReference[DatabaseIdentifier:5357622] ORCID:0000-0002-2187-2241
modified[InstanceEdit:429540] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-16
[InstanceEdit:5357626] Rothfels, Karen, 2014-03-25
(author)[InstanceEdit:429258] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-14
[InstanceEdit:429396] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-15
[InstanceEdit:429469] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-15
[InstanceEdit:429475] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-15
[InstanceEdit:429476] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-15
[InstanceEdit:429540] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-16
[InstanceEdit:429564] Shamovsky, V, 2009-07-16
[InstanceEdit:434122] Shamovsky, V, 2009-08-26
[InstanceEdit:434153] Shamovsky, V, 2009-08-26
[InstanceEdit:434372] Shamovsky, V, 2009-08-28
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