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Pathways reviewed by Nusse, R (207753)

DB_ID Name
209155 Phosphorylation of AXN and APC
209387 Phosphorylation of ARR
209396 Phosphorylation of ARM
209407 Transport of ARM to the nucleus
209413 Assembly of the 'destruction complex'
209412 Wingless pathway
209421 Transcription activation by ARM
209441 WG ligand not bound to FZ receptors
209440 Recruitment of the 'destruction complex' to the receptor complex, the degradation of AXN and release of ARM
209461 Ubiquitination and degradation of phosphorylated ARM
209469 WG ligand bound to FZ receptors
209472 Assembly of receptor complex

Details on Person Nusse, R

_displayNameNusse, R
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:38:59
created[InstanceEdit:205655] Williams, MG, 2006-10-24 12:52:33
(author)[LiteratureReference:208113] Wnt-induced dephosphorylation of axin releases beta-catenin from the axin complex
[LiteratureReference:208137] Ligand receptor interactions in the Wnt signaling pathway in Drosophila
[LiteratureReference:208177] The Wnt signaling pathway in development and disease
[LiteratureReference:208233] A Drosophila Axin homolog, Daxin, inhibits Wnt signaling
[LiteratureReference:208276] Pathway specificity by the bifunctional receptor frizzled is determined by affinity for wingless
[LiteratureReference:208317] The role of the cysteine-rich domain of Frizzled in Wingless-Armadillo signaling
[LiteratureReference:208349] A new member of the frizzled family from Drosophila functions as a Wingless receptor
[LiteratureReference:216197] Hedgehog signaling regulates transcription through cubitus interruptus, a sequence-specific DNA binding protein
[LiteratureReference:450749] Asymmetric homotypic interactions of the atypical cadherin flamingo mediate intercellular polarity signaling
[LiteratureReference:517399] Purified Wnt5a protein activates or inhibits beta-catenin-TCF signaling depending on receptor context
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