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Pathways authored by May, Bruce (203835)

DB_ID Name
5250941 Negative epigenetic regulation of rRNA expression
5250913 Positive epigenetic regulation of rRNA expression
5250924 B-WICH complex positively regulates rRNA expression
2151201 Transcriptional activation of mitochondrial biogenesis
2151209 Activation of PPARGC1A (PGC-1alpha) by phosphorylation
3215018 Processing and activation of SUMO
2168880 Scavenging of heme from plasma
72306 tRNA processing
72312 rRNA processing
2173782 Binding and Uptake of Ligands by Scavenger Receptors
3232118 SUMOylation of transcription factors
5334118 DNA methylation
5334727 Mus musculus biological processes
5358565 Mismatch repair (MMR) directed by MSH2:MSH6 (MutSalpha)
5358508 Mismatch Repair
5358606 Mismatch repair (MMR) directed by MSH2:MSH3 (MutSbeta)
1168372 Downstream signaling events of B Cell Receptor (BCR)
1169091 Activation of NF-kappaB in B cells
1169092 Activation of RAS in B cells
5368287 Mitochondrial translation
5368286 Mitochondrial translation initiation
1181150 Signaling by NODAL
5389840 Mitochondrial translation elongation
3299685 Detoxification of Reactive Oxygen Species
2262749 Cellular response to hypoxia
1221632 Meiotic synapsis
1221633 Meiotic Synapsis
5419276 Mitochondrial translation termination
1234162 Oxygen-dependent asparagine hydroxylation of Hypoxia-inducible Factor Alpha
1234174 Regulation of Hypoxia-inducible Factor (HIF) by oxygen
1234158 Regulation of gene expression by Hypoxia-inducible Factor
1234176 Oxygen-dependent proline hydroxylation of Hypoxia-inducible Factor Alpha
1237044 Erythrocytes take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen
1247673 Erythrocytes take up oxygen and release carbon dioxide
1252265 Mitochondrial Protein Import (yeast)
203927 MicroRNA (miRNA) biogenesis
212165 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression
212300 PRC2 methylates histones and DNA
1268020 Mitochondrial protein import
1280218 Adaptive Immune System
264876 Insulin processing
2395516 Electron transport from NADPH to Ferredoxin
2404192 Signaling by Type 1 Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 Receptor (IGF1R)
1362409 Mitochondrial iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis
1368082 RORA activates gene expression
1368092 Rora activates gene expression
1368071 NR1D1 (REV-ERBA) represses gene expression
1368108 BMAL1:CLOCK,NPAS2 activates circadian gene expression
1368110 Bmal1:Clock,Npas2 activates circadian gene expression
2426168 Activation of gene expression by SREBF (SREBP)
2428924 IGF1R signaling cascade
2428933 SHC-related events triggered by IGF1R
2428928 IRS-related events triggered by IGF1R
5578749 Transcriptional regulation by small RNAs
4551638 SUMOylation of chromatin organization proteins
5601884 PIWI-interacting RNA (piRNA) biogenesis
5617472 Activation of anterior HOX genes in hindbrain development during early embryogenesis
4570464 SUMOylation of RNA binding proteins
2473224 Antagonism of Activin by Follistatin
5619507 Activation of HOX genes during differentiation
380994 ATF4 activates genes
381038 XBP1(S) activates chaperone genes
381033 ATF6 (ATF6-alpha) activates chaperones
381042 PERK regulates gene expression
381070 IRE1alpha activates chaperones
381119 Unfolded Protein Response (UPR)
381183 ATF6 (ATF6-alpha) activates chaperone genes
381340 Transcriptional regulation of white adipocyte differentiation
381676 Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP1) regulates insulin secretion
381771 Synthesis, secretion, and inactivation of Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1)
1433617 Regulation of signaling by NODAL
1445148 Translocation of GLUT4 to the plasma membrane
399997 Acetylcholine regulates insulin secretion
400042 Adrenaline,noradrenaline inhibits insulin secretion
400206 Regulation of lipid metabolism by Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha)
400253 Circadian Clock
400451 Free fatty acids regulate insulin secretion
400511 Synthesis, secretion, and inactivation of Glucose-dependent Insulinotropic Polypeptide (GIP)
400508 Incretin synthesis, secretion, and inactivation
5660489 MTF1 activates gene expression
5660526 Response to metal ions
5661231 Metallothioneins bind metals
4615885 SUMOylation of DNA replication proteins
422085 Synthesis, secretion, and deacylation of Ghrelin
422356 Regulation of insulin secretion
5667092 Nr1d1 (Rev-erba) represses gene expression
1475029 Reversible hydration of carbon dioxide
426486 Small interfering RNA (siRNA) biogenesis
426496 Post-transcriptional silencing by small RNAs
427359 SIRT1 negatively regulates rRNA expression
427389 ERCC6 (CSB) and EHMT2 (G9a) positively regulate rRNA expression
427413 NoRC negatively regulates rRNA expression
428359 Insulin-like Growth Factor-2 mRNA Binding Proteins (IGF2BPs/IMPs/VICKZs) bind RNA
429914 Deadenylation-dependent mRNA decay
429947 Deadenylation of mRNA
429958 mRNA decay by 3' to 5' exoribonuclease
430039 mRNA decay by 5' to 3' exoribonuclease
432030 Transport of glycerol from adipocytes to the liver by Aquaporins
432047 Passive transport by Aquaporins
432040 Vasopressin regulates renal water homeostasis via Aquaporins
1480926 O2/CO2 exchange in erythrocytes
434316 Fatty Acids bound to GPR40 (FFAR1) regulate insulin secretion
442533 Transcriptional Regulation of Adipocyte Differentiation in 3T3-L1 Pre-adipocytes
445717 Aquaporin-mediated transport
450385 Butyrate Response Factor 1 (BRF1) binds and destabilizes mRNA
450408 AUF1 (hnRNP D0) binds and destabilizes mRNA
450513 Tristetraprolin (TTP, ZFP36) binds and destabilizes mRNA
450520 HuR (ELAVL1) binds and stabilizes mRNA
450531 Regulation of mRNA stability by proteins that bind AU-rich elements
450604 KSRP (KHSRP) binds and destabilizes mRNA
1500620 Meiosis
452723 Transcriptional regulation of pluripotent stem cells
1502540 Signaling by Activin
8852135 Protein ubiquitination
8866654 E3 ubiquitin ligases ubiquitinate target proteins
8866652 Synthesis of active ubiquitin: roles of E1 and E2 enzymes
8868766 rRNA processing in the mitochondrion
8868773 rRNA processing in the nucleus and cytosol
8874211 CREB3 factors activate genes
2586551 Signaling by Leptin
2586552 Signaling by Leptin
6782315 tRNA modification in the nucleus and cytosol
6782861 Synthesis of wybutosine at G37 of tRNA(Phe)
6784531 tRNA processing in the nucleus
6785470 tRNA processing in the mitochondrion
6787450 tRNA modification in the mitochondrion
6790901 rRNA modification in the nucleus and cytosol
6791226 Major pathway of rRNA processing in the nucleolus and cytosol
6793080 rRNA modification in the mitochondrion
508751 Circadian Clock
6807505 RNA polymerase II transcribes snRNA genes
1592230 Mitochondrial biogenesis
8949215 Mitochondrial calcium ion transport
8949664 Processing of SMDT1
8949613 Cristae formation
573389 NoRC negatively regulates rRNA expression
8981607 Intracellular oxygen transport
606279 Deposition of new CENPA-containing nucleosomes at the centromere
1655829 Regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis by SREBP (SREBF)
4839726 Chromatin organization
1799339 SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane
2892245 POU5F1 (OCT4), SOX2, NANOG repress genes related to differentiation
2892247 POU5F1 (OCT4), SOX2, NANOG activate genes related to proliferation
2980736 Peptide hormone metabolism
2990846 SUMOylation
3000484 Scavenging by Class F Receptors
3000480 Scavenging by Class A Receptors
3000497 Scavenging by Class H Receptors
3000471 Scavenging by Class B Receptors
912446 Meiotic recombination
912497 Meiotic Recombination
927802 Nonsense-Mediated Decay (NMD)
1989781 PPARA activates gene expression
3065678 SUMO is transferred from E1 to E2 (UBE2I, UBC9)
3065679 SUMO is proteolytically processed
3065676 SUMO is conjugated to E1 (UBA2:SAE1)
2022377 Metabolism of Angiotensinogen to Angiotensins
975956 Nonsense Mediated Decay (NMD) independent of the Exon Junction Complex (EJC)
975957 Nonsense Mediated Decay (NMD) enhanced by the Exon Junction Complex (EJC)
2025928 Calcineurin activates NFAT
983695 Antigen activates B Cell Receptor (BCR) leading to generation of second messengers
983705 Signaling by the B Cell Receptor (BCR)
3108214 SUMOylation of DNA damage response and repair proteins
3108232 SUMO E3 ligases SUMOylate target proteins
5221030 TET1,2,3 and TDG demethylate DNA

Pathways reviewed by May, Bruce (203835)

DB_ID Name
5250941 Negative epigenetic regulation of rRNA expression
3232118 SUMOylation of transcription factors
1433617 Regulation of signaling by NODAL
2980736 Peptide hormone metabolism

Details on Person May, Bruce

_displayNameMay, Bruce
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:38:56
affiliation[Affiliation:158007] Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
created[InstanceEdit:203816] Gopinathrao, G, 2007-11-18 23:55:40
crossReference[DatabaseIdentifier:5357985] ORCID:0000-0001-5193-0855
modified[InstanceEdit:5357986] Rothfels, Karen, 2014-03-27
(author)[InstanceEdit:203918] Gopinathrao, G, May, B, 2007-11-18 23:55:40
[InstanceEdit:209688] May, B, 2008-01-03 17:00:58
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[InstanceEdit:209722] May, B, 2008-01-06 21:41:43
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[InstanceEdit:209735] May, B, 2008-01-06 21:45:57
[InstanceEdit:209737] May, B, 2008-01-06 21:46:24
[InstanceEdit:209989] May, B, 2008-01-09 21:56:35
[InstanceEdit:209993] May, B, 2008-01-09 22:02:23
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