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Pathways reviewed by Gotoh, N (179809)

DB_ID Name
5658623 FGFRL1 modulation of FGFR1 signaling
190236 Signaling by FGFR
1295596 Spry regulation of FGF signaling
1307965 betaKlotho-mediated ligand binding
5654743 Signaling by FGFR4
5654741 Signaling by FGFR3
5654738 Signaling by FGFR2
5654736 Signaling by FGFR1
5654726 Negative regulation of FGFR1 signaling
5654727 Negative regulation of FGFR2 signaling
5654732 Negative regulation of FGFR3 signaling
5654733 Negative regulation of FGFR4 signaling
5654706 FRS-mediated FGFR3 signaling
5654712 FRS-mediated FGFR4 signaling
5654693 FRS-mediated FGFR1 signaling
5654700 FRS-mediated FGFR2 signaling

Details on Person Gotoh, N

_displayNameGotoh, N
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:38:20
created[InstanceEdit:179808] Jassal, Bijay, 2006-05-09
modified[InstanceEdit:1268129] Rothfels, K, 2011-05-09
(author)[InstanceEdit:1549563] Gotoh, N, 2011-08-26
[InstanceEdit:8865033] Gotoh, N, 2016-03-18
[LiteratureReference:179884] Unique phosphorylation mechanism of Gab1 using PI 3-kinase as an adaptor protein
[LiteratureReference:182133] FRS2 proteins recruit intracellular signaling pathways by binding to diverse targets on fibroblast growth factor and nerve growth factor receptors
[LiteratureReference:191015] Critical role for the docking-protein FRS2 alpha in FGF receptor-mediated signal transduction pathways
[LiteratureReference:191045] Stimulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase by fibroblast growth factor receptors is mediated by coordinated recruitment of multiple docking proteins
[LiteratureReference:195487] A unique signal transduction from FLT tyrosine kinase, a receptor for vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF
[LiteratureReference:372676] DOCK180, a major CRK-binding protein, alters cell morphology upon translocation to the cell membrane
[LiteratureReference:909746] A novel pathway from phosphorylation of tyrosine residues 239/240 of Shc, contributing to suppress apoptosis by IL-3
[LiteratureReference:1268082] FRS2 family docking proteins with overlapping roles in activation of MAP kinase have distinct spatial-temporal patterns of expression of their transcripts
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