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Pathways authored by Pagano, Michele (174134)

DB_ID Name
69656 Cyclin A:Cdk2-associated events at S phase entry
187577 SCF(Skp2)-mediated degradation of p27/p21

Pathways reviewed by Pagano, Michele (174134)

DB_ID Name
195253 Degradation of beta-catenin by the destruction complex
196299 Beta-catenin phosphorylation cascade

Details on Person Pagano, Michele

_displayNamePagano, Michele
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:38:12
affiliation[Affiliation:1237447] NYU School of Medicine, Department of Pathology
created[InstanceEdit:174149] Matthews, L, 2006-02-17 00:41:48
modified[InstanceEdit:1237444] D'Eustachio, P, 2011-03-30
[InstanceEdit:8932050] D'Eustachio, Peter, 2016-07-20
(author)[InstanceEdit:187509] Pagano, M, 2006-09-19 08:23:10
[InstanceEdit:196987] Pagano, M, 2007-04-27 13:02:18
[LiteratureReference:174111] The human F box protein beta-Trcp associates with the Cul1/Skp1 complex and regulates the stability of beta-catenin
[LiteratureReference:187515] Ubiquitination of p27 is regulated by Cdk-dependent phosphorylation and trimeric complex formation
[LiteratureReference:187517] SKP2 is required for ubiquitin-mediated degradation of the CDK inhibitor p27
[LiteratureReference:187544] The cell-cycle regulatory protein Cks1 is required for SCF(Skp2)-mediated ubiquitinylation of p27
[LiteratureReference:187566] Structural basis of the Cks1-dependent recognition of p27(Kip1) by the SCF(Skp2) ubiquitin ligase
[LiteratureReference:187825] Proteasome-mediated degradation of p21 via N-terminal ubiquitinylation
[LiteratureReference:187842] Stabilizers and destabilizers controlling cell cycle oscillators
[LiteratureReference:187848] Control of the SCF(Skp2-Cks1) ubiquitin ligase by the APC/C(Cdh1) ubiquitin ligase
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