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Pathways reviewed by Shattil, Sanford J (140150)

DB_ID Name
354192 Integrin alphaIIb beta3 signaling
354194 GRB2:SOS provides linkage to MAPK signaling for Integrins
372708 p130Cas linkage to MAPK signaling for integrins

Details on Person Shattil, Sanford J

_displayNameShattil, Sanford J
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:37:38
affiliation[Affiliation:1237408] University of California, San Diego, Department of Medicine
created[InstanceEdit:139985] de Bono, B, 2004-08-12 05:56:15
firstnameSanford J
modified[InstanceEdit:1237406] D'Eustachio, P, 2011-03-30
[InstanceEdit:8932050] D'Eustachio, Peter, 2016-07-20
(author)[LiteratureReference:140237] Signaling through platelet integrin alpha IIb beta 3: inside-out, outside-in, and sideways
[LiteratureReference:354123] Platelet integrins and immunoreceptors
[LiteratureReference:354145] Integrins and actin filaments: reciprocal regulation of cell adhesion and signaling
[LiteratureReference:377572] Integrins and Src: dynamic duo of adhesion signaling
[LiteratureReference:377578] Integrins: dynamic scaffolds for adhesion and signaling in platelets
[LiteratureReference:429419] The N-terminal SH2 domains of Syk and ZAP-70 mediate phosphotyrosine-independent binding to integrin beta cytoplasmic domains
[LiteratureReference:429422] Regulation of the pp72syk protein tyrosine kinase by platelet integrin alpha IIb beta 3
[LiteratureReference:429426] Coordinate interactions of Csk, Src, and Syk kinases with [alpha]IIb[beta]3 initiate integrin signaling to the cytoskeleton
[LiteratureReference:429443] Regulation of the protein tyrosine kinase pp72syk by platelet agonists and the integrin alpha IIb beta 3
[LiteratureReference:430136] The molecular adapter SLP-76 relays signals from platelet integrin alphaIIbbeta3 to the actin cytoskeleton
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