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Pathways reviewed by Warner, D (1217483)

DB_ID Name
1222352 Latent infection of Homo sapiens with Mycobacterium tuberculosis
1222387 Tolerance of reactive oxygen produced by macrophages
1222449 Mtb iron assimilation by chelation
1222499 Response of Mtb to phagocytosis
1222556 ROS, RNS production in phagocytes
1222538 Tolerance by Mtb to nitric oxide produced by macrophages
1222541 Cell redox homeostasis
868688 Trehalose biosynthesis
870331 Mycothiol metabolism
870392 Mycobacterium tuberculosis biological processes
879235 Mycothiol-dependent detoxification
879299 Mycothiol biosynthesis
879325 Mycothiol catabolism
936621 Sulfur compound metabolism
936635 Sulfate assimilation
936654 Cysteine synthesis from O-phosphoserine
936721 Cysteine synthesis from O-acetylserine
937250 Sulfur amino acid metabolism
964903 Chorismate via Shikimate Pathway

Details on Person Warner, D

_displayNameWarner, D
_timestamp2017-08-22 20:38:03
created[InstanceEdit:1217482] Jassal, B, 2011-02-16
modified[InstanceEdit:1217486] Jassal, B, 2011-02-16
(author)[InstanceEdit:1217485] Warner, D, 2010-11-25
[InstanceEdit:2213261] Warner, D, 2012-04-30
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